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Every dollar you give translates directly into meals for food-insecure New Yorkers.

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Every dollar you give translates directly into meals for food-insecure New Yorkers.

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Every Sunday, our group of friends gathers to cook upwards of 2,000 hot meals to share with food-insecure neighbors throughout New York City. We offer beef, chicken and vegan meals, and take food restrictions like allergies and religious practices seriously. With distribution partners — like churches, mosques, community refrigerators and mutual aids — in every borough, we get the food out to neighborhoods where it's needed most.

We're volunteer-run and rely on private donations to keep the lights, and rice cookers, turned on. Our volunteer chefs manage to make tasty and nutritious meals for around $2.30 each so every donated dollar goes a long way to getting people fed.

With the recent influx of migrants to New York City and specifically to the East Village, EVLovesNYC's mission has expanded greatly. Now we also focus on providing newly arrived asylum seekers with the items they need most: hot food, warm jackets, toiletries and a friendly welcome to our city of immigrants.

We've become noisy advocates on behalf of our newly arrived friends, demanding that the city provide them with suitable shelter space, support in finding work and more permanent housing and treat them fairly. We want to reframe the city government's perspective so that it recognizes these hopeful migrants as resourceful new neighbors, not as a crisis or a blight.

Please donate to EVLovesNYC and join our band of volunteers and friends, looking out for one another and sharing good food.

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